Keep them close. 

Cremation is not only an eco-friendly means to honor your loved one but it is also affordable and allows you to keep your loved one close or scatter their ashes in their favorite location.  We have a number of lovely urns from which you can choose or we can also discuss alternate cremain options. 


Many Options

  • Viewing of your Loved One followed by cremation
  • Memorial Service
  • Burial of Cremains
  • Place in a beautiful urn
  • Biodegradable urn for scattering at sea, canyons, mountains and other challenging environments
  • Bury on Family Land
  • Jewelry
  • Monuments
  • Craft into Works of Art
  • Inter in a Columbarium


Direct Cremation
Rates begin at $695


Crematory Charges                       

Rates begin at $300




“I was able to complete the forms online for my husband's cremation.  I did not have to go into the office or a funeral home.  It was one less thing to worry about and my stress was reduced tremendously.”

— P.H..